The final stage in the production process is downstream, where the oil and natural gas are processed and refined into usable products. ZOOK offers a complete solution for all downstream production processes.
In refineries and petrochemical plants, a variety of pressure relief devices are required including:

  • Towers
  • Knock out drums
  • Heat exchangers
  • Separators

  • Accumulators
  • Flare stacks
  • Sulphur recovery units
  • Pressure relief valves
  • Storage tanks/batteries

Pressure Relief Valve Isolation

The primary reasons for applying rupture disks downstream of pressure relief valves are:
  • Prevent corrosion of relief valve
  • Reduce cost of relief valve by negating costly special alloy trim/internals
  • Prevent fouling or sticking of the relief valve
  • Prevent variable superimposed backpressure from affecting relief valve
  • Detect opening or leakage of relief valve
  • Elimination SRV emissions -valve isolation


Storage is another component of downstream operations. Rupture disks are utilized on the storage tanks.


There are many other pressure relief applications we provide to the Downstream Industry. Please contact ZOOK for applications not listed.
Recommended Products Heat Exchangers Flare Stacks Storage Tanks Knock-Out Drums Accumulators
Reverse Acting Disks RA4 RA6 RA8 RAX
Forward Acting Disks ARD D FAX FDZ PB
Custom Welded Assemblies (CWA)
Graphite Disks Mono Duplex FS Inverted
Ultra-Low Bi-Directional Disks Z-VAC/Z-POS
Screw Type Holders
Union Type Holders
Burst Sensors & Indicators

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