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Engineer to Order

ZOOK Engineer to Order (ZETO)

Many customer applications cannot be met using standard rupture disk designs. While solutions are typically built on proven and foundational ZOOK rupture disks, others require all-new approaches and designs. Our dedicated team of application engineers are experts in pressure relief and activation technologies. They will take the time to understand your unique challenge and provide a solution that meets your requirements, timelines, and budget.

Developed Partnership

As an ISO 9001 accredited company, continual improvement is in our DNA. We’ll proactively reach out to your team to ensure life cycle performance or should there be any technological advances in the industry.

Want to learn more? We provide a complimentary consultation about your project or application. Click on the button below.

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Process Driven

You’ll be assigned a lead engineer who will take you through the ZOOK Engineer to Order (ZETO) process.


Our application engineers will meticulously document your specific requirements, constraints, timelines, and budget. We’ll share fundamental pressure relief knowledge, then collaboratively apply that wisdom towards potential solutions.


We’ll draw insight from previous projects and best practices, ensuring ideation considers our collective processes, procedures, and workflows.


Our team will design the best solution for your application. Any proposal can include detailed calculations, drawings, models, and estimates.

Data-Driven Test

Our prototype is thoroughly tested against agreed specifications and protocols. Detailed reporting is methodically kept and shared with you.


Final production, with communicated timelines commences. Shipments are carefully packed and include any required quality control and/or certification documentation.

Developed Partnership

As an ISO 9001 accredited company, continuous improvement is engrained in our culture. We strive to proactively ensure your satisfaction, collect feedback, and apply those learnings back into our process.


Quality and Certifications

ZOOK’s ISO 9001 accredited manufacturing processes ensure our products are of the highest quality, while our Quality Management System (QMS) enshrines our commitment to continual improvement. Our experience in the aviation, space, and defense industries is strengthened by our AS 9100D (Aerospace Management Standard) certification.

As required, ZOOK solutions are manufactured in accordance with worldwide standards, including:

  • ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC) Section XIII
  • Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)
  • EN ISO 4126-2
  • AD 2000-Merkblatt A1
  • NFPA
  • American Welding Society (AWS) D17.1 Aerospace Endorsement
  • 3-A, FDA, and USP Sanitary

Testing Services

With safety and quality as our top priority, we offer full suite of testing protocols for our assemblies.

  • 100% Leak Testing
  • Burst Testing
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Cycle Testing
  • Temperature Testing from -260°F (-162°C) to 1000°F (538°C)
  • Positive Material Identification (PMI) Testing

Quality Control

We leverage the latest technologies and methodologies to ensure design, fit, and quality of components.  

  • Traceability Compliance – AS9100, NIST 
  • APQP / PPAP Process Methodology
  • Digital Inspection of Threads & Body Dimensions 
  • Surface Finish Measuring
  • Video / Photographic Borescope Inspections


Choose from a selection of value-add options that….

  • Custom Packaging
  • Private Labelling
  • Burst Alert Sensors
  • Ultra Sonic Cleaning
  • Precision Cleaning
  • Non-destructive Testing

Rapid Prototyping

Time is money. We leverage our vast pressure relief/activation experience in tandem with the latest CAD technologies to deliver prototype designs quickly and efficiently.  These prototypes are an important first step to meet desired performance criteria and certifications.

Welded Assemblies

While ZETO provides and supports a multitude of interface options, Welded Assemblies offer versatile connections and low mass, low leak rate units which fully protect the disk ensuring the easiest installation and highest reliability.

ZOOK offers a large assortment of welded designs for a wide variety of applications with custom fittings and connections for stringent applications such as ultra-high vacuum, OEM markets, military, aerospace, and many other high-end engineering industries. 


  • Hermetic Seal – providing maximum leak tightness with helium leak rates as low as 1×10-9 GHe (gaseous helium)
  • Custom Housing and Connections – NPT, CF / KF, ISO-K / ISO-F Flanges, etc.
  • Optimized Assembly Geometry & Weight
  • Extended Life Cycle

Want to learn more? We provide a complimentary consultation about your project or application. Click on the button below.

No Cost Consultation
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