Medical / Research

Compressed and Cryogenic Gas Containment
From over-pressure protection for compressed specialty gases to laboratory and analytical instrumentation, ZOOK manufactures rupture disks ideal for medical and research applications.
There are many gases used for medical and research applications including oxygen for resuscitation and inhalation therapy, CO2 for respiratory stimulation during and after anesthesia, Nitrogen (stored as a cryogenic liquid) for cryosurgery and tissue storage, and Nitrous Oxide for both an anesthetic and analgesic. In addition, there are several specialty gases commonly used for laboratory research including, helium, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, argon, and gaseous fuels just to name a few. All of these, transported and stored using cylinders and pressurized bulk containment, benefit from the protection provided by ZOOK rupture disks in the event of an over-pressure condition.
Safety Relief Valve Isolation
A safety relief valve automatically releases pressure from a boiler, pressure vessel or other pressure system when the pressure exceeds pre-set limits. A rupture disk is an excellent solution for isolating the pressure relief valve from a chemical process when the process fluid is highly corrosive to the safety relief valves internal components (trim). By installing a rupture disk fabricated from special alloy rather than the valve trim will dramatically reduce the cost of the safety relief valve. In addition, using a rupture disk in combination with a safety relief valve provides zero process leakage, the release of fugitive emissions and allows in-situ testing of the safety relief valve and extends the working life of the safety relief valve.
Laboratory Instrumentation
Laboratory apparatus and analytical instrumentation often utilize closed reactor vessels under both heat and pressure. Rupture disks from ZOOK are utilized to protect against over- pressurization.
Autoclave Pressure Relief
Autoclaves used to sterilize medical instruments, as well as labware used for research, often rely on pressurized heat or steam. Rupture disks from ZOOK are utilized to protect against over-pressure conditions while also maintaining an ultra-pure environment for autoclaves and other sterilization equipment.
There are many other pressure relief applications we provide to the Medical/Research Industry. Please contact ZOOK for applications not listed.
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