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Welded Solutions

Welded Solutions

Many customer applications cannot be met using standard rupture disk designs. ZOOK’s Welded Solutions department is dedicated to the design and development of customized rupture disk assemblies for specific customer applications. ZOOK offers a large assortment of welded designs for a wide variety of applications with custom fittings and connections for stringent applications such as ultra-high vacuum, OEM markets, military, aerospace, and many other applications.

Custom Design Engineered Solutions

  • Customized Welded Assemblies
  • Customized manufactured solutions
  • Customized 3D software producing the latest 3D drawings allow a greater understanding of the proposed solution
  • Free of charge design guidance, combined with timely, friendly, personal assistance
  • Efficient engineering review service as standard
  • Both factory and local support, worldwide
  • CWA can also be used as pressure activation devices in control sequences

Advanced Welding Technology

The advanced welding technology of CWA provide additional precision resulting in the ability to relieve excessive pressure conditions from enclosed pressure circuits in just milliseconds. They are manufactured to exacting specifications to meet very low leakage levels, close pressure tolerances, weight restrictions and can also incorporate various material selection.

CWA are manufactured with the highest quality control:

  • 100% Leak testing
  • Burst Testing
  • Weld & Body Pressure Testing
  • Digital inspection of threads & body dimensions
  • Ultra sonically cleaned
  • 100% Material Traceability


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