Powder & Bulk Solids


There are many industries that manufacture products that require handling of raw materials that are stored, transported and processed from dry power and bulk solids. These include plastics, pulp & paper, food processing, mining, energy & power, chemical and pharmaceutical … just to name a few. Many of the dry products produce hazardous dust or volatile gas, and therefore, their storage containment benefits from the over-pressure relief protection provided by ZOOK rupture disks and vent panels.

Dry Bulk Storage

Silos and bins containing wood chips, plastic pellets, coal dust, cement, and grain, are typical products stored in silos, bins and hoppers which benefit from the instantaneous relief of excess pressure provided by ZOOK rupture disks and vent panels.

Conveying Systems

Whether transported by belt, chute, or pneumatic conveying systems, hazardous dust and release of volatile vapors create an environment where ZOOK rupture disks and vent panels add safety in the event of over-pressure conditions.

Dry Powder and Bulk Processing

The processes associated with utilizing dry power and bulk materials including extrusion, power generation, fermentation and distillation, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing continue to benefit from over-pressure relief as products and byproducts are manufactured using powder and dry bulk.


There are many other pressure relief applications we provide to the Powder and Bulk. Please contact ZOOK for applications not listed.
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