Ultra-Low & Bi-Directional Disks

Protect your Processing or Storage Tank from
Vacuum and/or Over-Pressurization in a Single Device
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A bi-directional rupture disk is designed to protect from overpressure and vacuum conditions in a single device. They are primarily used in storage tank, brewery vessel, and processing applications.

The ZOOK Z-VAC and Z-POS Series are a range of bi-directional rupture disk and holder assemblies designed to relieve between 1” – 109” (25 mm to 2768.6 mm) water column in one direction and 2 psig – 150 psig (0.14 barg to 10.34 barg) in the other direction. Both designs relieve ultra-low-pressure settings.

The Z-VAC allows ultra-low-pressure relief in the vacuum direction starting at 1” (25 mm) of water column differential and features user-friendly replaceable knife blades to ensure optimum performance. The Z-POS allows ultra-low-pressure relief in the positive direction starting at 1” (25 mm) of water column differential. ZOOK’s Ultra-Low Bi-Directional disks also incorporate the world’s first ever replaceable cutting blade that permits the end user the ability to change out this critical component of dull or blunt cutting blades on reverse buckling disk designs.


Ultra-Low & Bi-Directional Disks

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