Power & Energy


Power plants generate energy through the production of steam to drive turbines and generators. The process of creating and transporting steam under pressure, as well as condensing and recirculating systems require precautions to safely relieve excess system pressure. Volatile and combustible fuel containment tanks, silos and bins benefit from pressure relief devices as well.

Boiler and Boiler Feed Piping

Most fossil and nuclear fuel power plants rely on the production of pressurized steam to drive turbines and generators to produce electricity. Rupture disks from ZOOK ensure that the systems maintain safe operating pressure levels in boilers and connected steam and condensate piping.

Bulk Storage

Storage tanks containing liquid petroleum, biofuels, natural gas & propane, as well as coal bins containing combustible dust, require safety pressure relief. Rupture disks and vent panels provide instantaneous relief of excess pressure within the storage tank and connected piping.

Cooling Towers & Chillers

Cooling towers are large scale heat exchangers used to cool and condense steam after it passes through a turbine as it returns back to the boiler. Installation of ZOOK rupture disks ensure that the system does not exceed preset pressure limits.

Pump & Valve Protection

Liquid fuel pumps, chemical feed pumps for conditioning fuel & boiler water, as well as pumps used for moving cooling water, rely on pressure relief devices to protect against over pressurization on the discharge side of the pump. Rupture disks by ZOOK provide relief from backpressure reduding the chances of permanent damage to the pump, valves and process instrumentation.

Safety Relief Valve Isolation

A safety relief valve automatically releases pressure from a boiler, pressure vessel or other pressure system when the pressure exceeds pre-set limits. A rupture disk is an excellent solution for isolating the pressure relief valve from power plants when the process fluid is highly corrosive to the safety relief valves internal components (trim). By installing a rupture disk fabricated from special alloy rather than the valve trim will dramatically reduce the cost of the safety relief valve. In addition, using a rupture disk in combination with a safety relief valve provides zero process leakage, the release of fugitive emissions and allows in-situ testing of the safety relief valve and extends the working life of the safety relief valve.


There are many other pressure relief applications we provide to the Power & Energy Industry. Please contact ZOOK for applications not listed.
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