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ZOOK is committed to integrating sustainability into all aspects of the company.

Our sustainability initiatives include:

  • Use recyclable materials for product packaging.
  • Share with customers our concerns for environmental sustainability.
  • Recycle paper and office waste.
  • Asks vendors to reduce unnecessary packaging whenever possible.
  • Emphasize sustainability, preservation, renovation and reuse as key elements in responsible development.
  • Monitor and measure on a regular basis the short and long-term environmental impact of operations.
  • Use energy-efficient fixtures where possible.
  • Track and compare energy performance.
  • Use energy efficient appliances: light bulbs, refrigerators and computers.
  • Use windows that open for seasonal cooling.
  • Use programmable thermostats and other controls to reduce heating and cooling costs in unoccupied guest rooms.
  • Use nontoxic cleaning products when available.
  • Limit or eliminate Styrofoam food and beverage containers.
  • Use cloth towels and napkins.
  • Minimize use of disposable items.
  • Use paper products (brochures, etc.) made from recycled paper as much as possible.
  • Avoid aerosols containing CFC or HCFC.
  • Work with suppliers to ensure their products and services reflect our ethics.
  • Work with other organizations to share information and techniques to protect the health and vitality of our natural resources and heritage.
  • Implement state of the art drinking water purification system.
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