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Full line of Advanced New Pre-Torque Holder Designs Together with
Industry-Leading Quality Flat and Angle Seat Insert, Union & Screw Type Holders

Holders are a synergistic partner of the rupture disk. Typically, they consist of a machined base (inlet) flange and a hold down (outlet) flange in which the rupture disk is seated in place. This tight, metal-on-metal seal allows the rupture disk to perform its designed function. Various holder designs are available, including pre-torqued, insert, double disk, screw type, and sanitary ferrule quick releases.

ZOOK revolutionized the rupture disk holder market with the introduction of the FAH and RAH Series of next generation pre-torque holders. Each holder is designed to fit multiple types of ZOOK Forward Acting (FAC, FAX) and ZOOK Reverse Acting (RA4, RA6, RA8, RAX) disks.

The ZOOK Pre-torque design conveys certain advantages:

  • Pre-assembly of a rupture disk into a holder prior to field installation
  • Removal of the assembly from the piping system for inspection without disturbing the seal integrity of the rupture disk
  • Pre-torque bolts properly seat the disk by engaging the holder bite

Other notable features of the FAH/RAH Holders include:

  • Locating Pin allows only correct type disks to be mounted into holder
  • Flow direction arrows on disk tag and holder provides permanent visual verification that holder assembly is properly oriented in the piping system
  • Fluoropolymer coated socket head cap screws resists corroding to holder assembly and provides easy removal without special sockets
  • Polyethylene cap screw covers prevents debris from building up in cap screw head

Below is our complete line of craft rupture disk holders.

RAH Holder

Pre-Torque Holder design for use with Reverse Acting Series Disks (RA Serie...

FAH Holder

Pre-Torque Holder Design allows pre-assembly of a rupture disk (bursting di...

PTFE Sleeve Holder

The PTFE Sleeved holder utilizes a Teflon Encapsulated Viton O-Ring as stan...

Union Holder

The Union Type Rupture Disk (bursting disk) Holders are reusable units for ...

UHZ Holder

The UHZ Type Rupture Disk (bursting disk) Holder is an insert type holder f...

Angle Seat Type

The Angle Seat Type bolted rupture disk (bursting disk) holder is an insert...

RLPI Holder

Insert type Rupture Disk Holder designed exclusively to be used with the RL...

URAI Holder

Insert type rupture disk holder designed to be used with the URA Disk serie...


The Screw Type Rupture Disk (bursting disk) Holders are reusable type holde...

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