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Sanitary Disks

Full Selection of High Quality Products for Sanitary Piping Systems.
Sanitary Applications for Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Food & Beverage, and other industries

Whereas most rupture disks are designed to fit into holders, sanitary rupture disks are designed to fit between sanitary ferrules. They are also specially crafted with no crevices to allow substances to build up on the disk.

ZOOK’s revolutionary ZANITARY® series is an advanced sanitary disk designed for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food processing industries. This new patent pending technology incorporates completely new and unique design and manufacturing processes. Utilizing a material’s natural properties, this exclusive process delivers a superior fatigue-resistant and high-performance rupture disk. Without indentations or crevices meeting the demanding geometric 3-A requirements, the new ZANITARY disk design ensures that the process side is inherently smooth providing a high purity service.

  • Passivation finish to reduce the possibility of contamination
  • Standard surface finish 4 – 20 Ra µin (0.1 – 0.5 Ra µm)
  • Withstands full vacuum without the need of a separate vacuum support
  • Suitable for liquid, gas, or two-phase applications
  • Expected cycle life of this new disk technology is 30,000 with full vacuum cycling and approximately 1,000,000+ without full vacuum
  • Suitable for use with NovAseptic flange mountings
  • Cleaned for O2 service available
  • Nitrogen bagging available
  • Suitable for Clean-in-place (CIP) applications
  • Electropolishing available meeting ASME BPE SF4
  • Complies ASME BPE Standard
  • ASME UD, CE (PED), KOSHA and TÜV compliance available
  • Sizes from 1” (25mm) through 4” (100mm)

Looking for a welded custom solution? Our welded cartridge solution combines the ZANITARY® product with ZOOK’s in-house welding technology for a true ‘plug and play’ assembly. Additionally, a cartridge approach creates hermetic seals between disk and ferrule components upstream and downstream of cartridge as well as eliminates the effect of misaligned or improper line loading on rupture disks.


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