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Enhance your
Rupture Disk installation.

ZOOK carries an array of pressure relief accessories.

Pipe guard end covers protect pipe openings from unwanted rain, snow, ice, insects, animals, or any falling debris. ZOOK pipe guards are made a high-visibility yellow, non-combustible, non-toxic PVC with ultraviolet inhibitors, that has five-year guarantee against environmental degradation. They are easily installed without any tools and provide a valuable visual indication of fugitive emissions.

A telltale indicator is used to monitor the space between a rupture disk (bursting disk) and a safety relief valve and is a requirement as per ASME Section XIII in such dual systems. It can also be used to recognize the presence of backpressure in a header system. ZOOK offers various connections, but a 1/4″ MNPT inlet with 1/8″ FNPT outlet connection is standard.

Pipe Guard End Covers

The PG Series Pipe End Covers install without tools and are meant to withst...


Gaskets used with graphite disks are stocked in the following materials: Ne...

Telltale Indicator

Used to monitor the space between a rupture (bursting) disk and safety reli...

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