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Safeguard thousands of businesses worldwide from over-pressurization in static and dynamic pressurized systems.

At ZOOK, we are committed to the design, development, manufacturing and delivery of the best pressure relief, pressure activation and explosion protection solutions for our customers. ZOOK has over 90 years of manufacturing expertise in both high-quality metal and graphite rupture disks and provides an extensive, high-quality explosion vent panel line. Our mission is to continuously place product safety as the top priority while optimizing our customers’ productivity and performance.


Create, Collaborate, Contribute

Join a team that is focused on delivering the world’s best pressure relief solutions in an inclusive and collaborative environment that embraces and celebrates diversity.

From chemical processing and power generation to refineries and rocket ships, safeguarding critical infrastructure and personnel around the world is our passion. Join our growing team of technicians, designers, CSRs, sales, shippers, quality experts, and engineers all tethered to this common passion.

Learn, Grow, Flourish

With over 90 years of manufacturing experience and locations on three continents, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from the best minds in pressure relief and hone your craft.

We foster and cultivate this culture of personal and professional growth for all employees. At every level of the organization, we advocate for a growth mindset.

Compensation, Benefits, Rewards

We recognize our people are our greatest resource. We have proactively researched and constructed competitive compensation and rewards programs that align with our local markets.

We’re constantly listening to team members and markets to evolve our benefit packages to better serve their health, well-being, and future.

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity

We invite, seek, embrace, and celebrate the strength that diversity brings. It’s this diversity of thought that informs more progressive decision making which in turn makes us a stronger organization.

We thoughtfully and purposefully work to create and maintain an inclusive work environment where all employees are treated with respect.

Our continuing goal is a welcoming, safe, and supportive culture where everyone can be comfortable while contributing to our collective success.






Check out what our team has to say.

Julia R

ZOOK has a very friendly and supportive environment, I could ask questions freely and lean on my supervisor if ever needed. I've been given so many learning opportunities during my time here. I am grateful to have begun my career at ZOOK.

Julia R.

Global Marketing Coordinator

Karol S

The entire team is so friendly and inclusive, we can balance doing our best work, while having a little bit of fun. I am grateful that I have had such supportive supervisors that have encouraged me to take on new learning opportunities, it has allowed me to continue learning every day.

Karol S.


Connie P

At ZOOK, you are so much more than your position and you're heard and supported by your team and your supervisors. I'd say the culture at ZOOK is very inclusive. You get the chance to be a part of all kinds of different processes and responsibilities within and beyond your department.

Connie P.

Welding Laser Technician

Arthur K

ZOOK has an incredibly friendly culture, teammates and supervisors are very patient, understanding, and open to questions. Teaching, education and investing in your employee’s development has continuously been deemed as important by management. There is an infinite amount of learning opportunities here, which has contributed to my professional growth and experience.

Arthur K.

Engineering Technician

Radha K

I've been with ZOOK for almost 18 years now and it has been the most comfortable and easy-going work environment. I have an organized space to complete my work and I've been supported over the years in training and perfecting my craft. Everyone helps everyone, and it has been a great experience for me.

Radha K.

Disk Technician

James F

After 15 years at ZOOK, I can truly say there is never a dull moment. My team is so helpful, and you can lean on one another. There is a very supportive atmosphere here. This job has been challenging and rewarding. I've learned how to handle different situations, troubleshoot, and have been given the opportunity to continuously improve my skills.

James F.

Disk Technician, Lead Hand

Mohamed E

I had such a welcoming experience joining ZOOK. The team is understanding and patient with training, always helping along the way. The challenging work encourages me to learn the most that I can every day. I've been lucky to be exposed to different work processes. I am looking forward to my future here.

Mohamed E.

Disk Technician

Casey D

The team here is so friendly and everyone is always willing to help you with anything that you need. I've had a completely different experience at ZOOK compared to past work. I've had so many opportunities to learn new responsibilities. My favorite part about working here would have to be the teamwork aspect, it makes me love coming to work having such a supportive crew.

Casey D.

CNC Set Up/Operator

Russel N

After 17 years at ZOOK, I would describe my experience as challenging, rewarding, a chance to think outside the box and being exposed to troubleshooting on the fly. We have a very positive and supportive work environment, and there is always an emphasis on teamwork and helping one another when you can.

Russel N.

Disk Technician

Rico D

Over my 18 years at ZOOK, I can confidently say that I have continuously been set up for success by receiving the best training and support from teammates and my supervisors. I would say that ZOOK has a very comfortable work environment. Teamwork has been a critical aspect of working at ZOOK, and I enjoy and look forward to coming to work every day because of that!

Rico D.

Disk Maker

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We’re always looking for dynamic and engaged team players.

If you would like to be notified when new opportunities become available, please submit your contact information and we will keep it on file and reach out should an opportunity arise.



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