Many pressure relief / activation requirements cannot be met using a standard rupture disk approach. For example, an application may require a specific collection of requirements, like:

  • Weight and/or performance characteristics
  • Hermetically seal
  • Temperature/vibration resistance

Our team of engineers and technical experts takes the time to understand your need and collaborate with you on a specific solution.
We have experience in a wide array of industries including aerospace, oil & gas, extrusion, power generation, laboratory, and military/defense.
Below is a selection of proven products we’ve delivered to date, but please feel free to contact us with your specific challenge.


The Skid-Safe system is the ultimate pressure relief protection on infrastructures used for the extraction of coal seam gas and liquid natural gas by way of fracking and other industry methods.

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Customized pressure relief solutions for the OEM market.

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Screw-Type are reusable type holders available in standard 30º angel or flat seat designs.

Designed For Use: PB and D Metal Rupture Disks

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Welded Solutions

Custom Welded Assemblies are ideal for unique or custom pressure relief solutions. The ZOOK engineering team will design and customize a solution that meets all of your requirements.

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TA Disk

One-Time Use Rupture Disk Assemblies. Brass unit that comes pre-assembled with Rupture Disk and tested to meet your relieving pressure requirements

Designed For Use: PB and D Series Metal Rupture Disks

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