Skid-Safe - Custom Solutions


ZOOK has designed a revolutionary unit ready for immediate installation. Reduce the number of premature failures and unsafe operations on well-head skids with ZOOK’s Skid-Safe Unit; a unique pressure protection system for the Oil and Gas industry

Skid-Safe System Advantages

  • Fully assembled and ready for immediate installation between flanges, which reduces installation time and assembly difficulties
  • Reverse acting disk has full dome membrane protection from the RAH holder
  • Skid-Safe unit can be easily installed using integral flange bolt holes
  • Self-centralization of the Skid-Safe unit within the pipework
  • Specific integral flange guide holes ensure the Skid-Safe unit cannot be installed into non-compatible flange ratings
  • Installation only needs one engineer. Simply hang or locate one flange bolt through the pipework flange and through the guide hole in the Skid-Safe unit
  • Z-Alert detect device is tested for function and continuity during assembly as part of a comprehensive Inspection and test plan

The Components

Skid-Safe Components