ZANITARY® Series - Sanitary Disks


The ZANITARY® Series is an advanced sanitary disk designed for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food processing industries. The new design effortlessly fits between standard sanitary ferrules.


  • Ideal for high purity and corrosion resistant service that is required from the Life Science Industry
  • Designed for non-fragmentation
  • Solid metal robust design provides greater protection for low pressure rated disks
  • Operating ratios up to 95% of the marked burst pressure. For pressures under 40 psig (2.76 barg) see table
  • Plus Testing available for a true engineering 95% operating ratio with ±5% performance tolerance
  • Passivation finish to reduce the possibility of contamination
  • Standard surface finish 4-20 µm Ra
  • Withstands full vacuum without the need of a separate vacuum support
  • Suitable for liquid, gas, or two-phase applications
  • Damage ratio of 1.0 or less
  • Expected cycle life of this new disk technology is 30,000 with full vacuum cycling and approximately 1,000,000+ without full vacuum
  • Disks available in 316L and Hastelloy
  • Suitable for use with NovAseptic flange mountings
  • Unique design is Patent Pending
  • No dents or crevices to the process side of the disk
  • Ferrule design compliant and certified to 3-A Sanitary Standard
  • Sizes from 1”(25mm) through 4”(100mm)
  • Cleaned for O2 service available
  • 3-dimensional stainless steel tag permanently laser engraved with disk information in accordance to ASME and PED
  • No paint or enamel used on tagging to ensure non-contamination of the sterile environment
  • Suitable for Clean-in-place (CIP) applications. Note: Disk dome should not be subject to contact or direct jet spray
  • Electropolishing available meeting ASME BPE SF4
  • CRN registered for use in Canada
  • Complies ASME BPE Standard
  • ASME UD, CE (PED), KOSHA and TÜV compliance available