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Vacuum Supports for Graphite Rupture Disks

In the world of industrial processes, ensuring safety is paramount. One critical aspect is dealing with vacuum conditions. A rupture disk, a vital component in pressure relief systems, functions by responding to pressure differentials. When it comes to vacuum, which represents a reverse pressure differential, most high-performance disks can handle it due to their inherent design.

However, there are situations where additional support is required.

What is a Vacuum Support?

A vacuum support is a component that reinforces the disk membrane under vacuum or backpressure conditions. The vacuum support in a graphite disk is affixed to the counterbore of the disk and does not open or discharge when the disk vents. Support design selected is based on the process conditions specified for the disk and application. Adding a vacuum support results in a reduction of the flow area and an increased Kr value.

Graphite rupture disks with vacuum supports

Graphite rupture disks with vacuum supports

ZOOK: Your Partner in Safety

As a leading rupture disk manufacturing company, ZOOK understands the importance of ensuring the highest level of safety in your operations.

Full Vacuum Service

Our Graphite rupture disks, specified with a burst rating of 25 psig or higher, can handle full vacuum conditions without the need for additional support.

If support is still requested or required above 25 psig, see the backpressure section below.

When a full vacuum is present and specified burst pressure is less than 25 psig, follow the chart below to select the proper support required for full vacuum protection – applies to MONO type disks only.

Required Vacuum Support Style for Full Vacuum Service

Required Vacuum Support Style for Full Vacuum Service Chart

Partial Vacuum Service

Under typical conditions (burst ratings above 10 psi), a graphite rupture disk can support up to 50% of its set burst pressure in vacuum situations. If increased flow area is not necessary, the above table can be used for the support selection.

However, if a partial vacuum is required and increased flow during burst is essential, our Engineering team is equipped to provide tailored solutions. 

Back Pressure Service

In applications where back pressure is a concern, ZOOK has you covered.

Graphite Rupture disks with a vacuum support and a specified burst pressure of 25 psig and above are considered back pressure applications.

Our Engineering team can work with you to provide custom solutions to withstand specific backpressure requirements. 

Have questions about the performance of your rupture disk or application? Get a free consultation by clicking the button below.

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