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WDHT SeriesBurst Plugs

The WDHT Series of rupture disks were designed for pressure relief of oil tools to safely protect downhole components. There are many other applications that can benefit from this design, including wellhead protection, cementing, pressure activation equipment, spray washers, OEM’s, laboratories, and more.

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CE (PED) compliance available

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  • Each WDHT assembly consists of a threaded body with rupture disk welded onto the process side
  • Body materials: 304 series Stainless Steel with other materials available
    on request
  • Standard rupture disk material: Inconel (other materials available)
  • Burst ratings 500 psig to 15,000 psig (for higher pressures contact ZOOK)
  • 0% manufacturing range
  • Operating ratios up to 75% of the low end of burst tolerance
  • Requires Hex Key installation
  • NPT threaded bod
  • Burst tolerance ± 10%
  • Standard WDHTs in stock
  • Customized designs available
  • 100% factory leak-tested to bubble tight in liquid. For gas service or helium leak testing, please contact ZOOK
  • 100% electronic thread verification of every assembly utilizing digital
  • 100% ultra-sonically cleaned prior to shipment
  • 100% disk material traceability and burst test certification available


ZOOK’s Welded Design Advantage

  • Welded joints are stronger and more resistant to increased temperatures, which eliminates spurious bursts and product contamination
  • Joint failure is eliminated due to increased temperature and pressure cycling compared to soldered joints
  • Material creep is removed ensuring burst repeatability
  • Improved quality and operational excellence

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Try Z-SIZE, our user-friendly online tool that calculates the accurate disk size in just minutes!

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