TD - Transportation / Railcar


The TD Series transportation rupture disk is designed specifically for use in over-the-road tank trailer applications.


  • Superior fatigue resistance allows extended use for a full year without change-out regardless of number of trips logged
  • Fail Safe Design: TD Disks will rupture prematurely when installed upside down
  • High Visibility Green PTFE Coating: Visual indication of disk integrity and easy inspection
  • Designed specifically for use in over-the-road tank trailer applications
  • Provides reliable high performance at low cost
  • Unaffected by virtually all corrosives except elemental Fluorine
  • Replaces lesser performing metal and graphite type disks
  • Operating pressures to 90% of the disk’s marked burst pressure
  • No disk holder required
  • Supports full vacuum
  • Fits ANSI Class 150 flanges
  • Sizes 2”, 3”, 4”
  • Temperature ratings to 72°F (22°C) (Contact ZOOK for other sizes, burst and temperature ratings)
  • Burst performance: ± 5% of the marked burst rating
  • 0% manufacturing range
  • ASME UD marking available


TD Specifications