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ACTransportation / Railcar

The AC Series transportation rupture disk is designed for fully rubber covered 2″ AAR safety vents without precise seats.

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  • Ideal for Railroad tank cars
  • Allows extended use for a full year without change-out regardless of number of trips logged
  • Unaffected by virtually all corrosives except elemental Fluorine
  • Supplied in two styles to fit either metal seated or fully rubber covered 2” (50 mm) AAR safety vents
  • Both Model AC and RC carried in stock for immediate delivery
  • Steel armored for added strength
  • Flexible liner used on pressure side to automatically provide a degree of temporary reclosure after venting an overpressure incident
  • Supports full vacuum
  • PTFE lined on pressure side
  • PTFE coated on vent side to prevent chemical attack from either side
  • High Visibility Green PTFE Coating: Visual indication of disk integrity and easy inspection
  • 165 psig (11.38 barg) RC and AC series disks are available for RAPID Delivery. Contact ZOOK for more information

Size: 2″ (50 mm)
Burst Pressure Range: 60 psig (4.14 barg), 100 psig (6.89 barg), 165 psig (11.38 barg)
Standard Operating Range: 90%
VVacuum Support Required: No

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Try Z-SIZE, our user-friendly online tool that calculates the accurate disk size in just minutes!

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