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BIBurst Sensors & Indicators

The BI Series integral burst indication offers a simple and effective means of indication over-pressure or discharge indication for rupture disk (bursting disk) applications.

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  • Less affected by back pressure from common diskharge manifolds
  • Compatible with most ZOOK flat-seat metal and sanitary rupture disks
  • Classified as a simple apparatus and may be used in a hazardous environment. Must be used in conjunction with intrinsically safe certified electrical apparatus and installed & maintained to meet all other requirements of an intrinsically safe installation & local codes
  • Cost effective against traditional remote membrane type detectors, especially in larger sizes
  • Reduces stock inventory by incorporating the burst indicator and disk into a single unit
  • BI comes standard with connection 2 and 6’ (1828 mm) of signal wire if not specified

NOTE: Blue Belden Wire: 1503A, 22 AWG stranded (7×30) TC conductors, PVC insulation, twisted pair, overall Beldfoil shield (100% coverage), 24 AWG stranded TC drain wire, PVC jacket.

Conductive Material-Copper
Leadwire-Blue Belden* wire

Membrane Kapton®
Conductive Material Copper
Leadwire 2 m, 24 AWG, 2 conductor

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Try Z-SIZE, our user-friendly online tool that calculates the accurate disk size in just minutes!

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