Welded Solutions

Custom Welded Assemblies are ideal for unique or custom pressure relief solutions. The ZOOK engineering team will design and customize a solution that meets all of your requirements.

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WDHT Series

The WDHT Series of rupture disks were designed for pressure relief of oil tools to safely protect downhole components. There are many other applications that can benefit from this design, including wellhead protection, cementing, pressure activation equipment, spray washers, OEM’s, laboratories, and more.

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Extrusion Burst Plugs

ZOOK Extrusion Burst Plugs are pressure relief devices designed for over-pressure protection of plastic and rubber extrusion process.

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The Skid-Safe system is the ultimate pressure relief protection on infrastructures used for the extraction of coal seam gas and liquid natural gas by way of fracking and other industry methods.

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Customized pressure relief solutions for the OEM market.

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Screw-Type are reusable type holders available in standard 30º angel or flat seat designs.

Designed For Use: PB and D Metal Rupture Disks

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TA Disk

One-Time Use Rupture Disk Assemblies. Brass unit that comes pre-assembled with Rupture Disk and tested to meet your relieving pressure requirements

Designed For Use: PB and D Series Metal Rupture Disks

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