Pre-Torque Holder Design allows pre-assembly of a rupture disk (bursting disc) into a holder prior to field installation.

Compatible Disks


  • Pre-Torque Holder Design allows removal of the assembly from the piping system for inspection without distrubing the seal integrity of the Rupture Disk
  • Pre-Torque Holder Design allows pre-torque bolts to properly seat the disk by engaging the holder bite
  • One Pre-Torque Holder Design acccepts the entire RA family of disks
  • The disk dome is contained within the inlet holder which prevents damaging the disk during installation into mating flanges

Options / Accessories

  • Standard/Mid/Long Pattern sizes are available to match every piping scenario
  • Gauge Taps for monitoring pressure and temperature
  • Special Coatings are available.
RAH Pre-Torque Rupture Disk Holder

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