The Z-Size tool is intuitive, which saves you time and helps you eliminate errors that happen so often when sizing rupture disks.

All you have to do is provide a few important values into the sizing configurator and Z-Size will automatically calculate the accurate rupture disk size for your application within minutes.

Z-Size has many built-in features to help you calculate the correct
rupture disk size!

SI, imperial and metric units
of measurement available.
Relieving Case - Blocked
Discharge, Fire Contingency or Other.
Purpose for calculations
- Primary, Secondary or Supplemental calculations.
Over Pressure Allowance
fully flexible for any case.
List of standard
mediums available including
the ability to create a medium.
Calculate to ASME, API520
or ISO 4126-6.
Ability to email instantly
any issue when in Z-Size.
Save or modify previous
projects. Printable output available.


Z-Size Video Tutorials

Module 1
Z-Size Introduction &
How to Create Your Account
Video 1 of 5 (2:26)

Module 2
How to Create a Project
Video 2 of 5 (1:51)

Module 3
Z-Size Configurator & How to Calculate
Video 3 of 5 (5:32)

Module 4
How to Copy, Add or Delete
a Sizing Calculation
Video 4 of 5 (1:55)

Module 5
Review of Print, Save, Save & Exit,
and Exit without Saving
Video 5 of 5 (1:38)