RDI-S - Burst Sensors & Indicators


Burst Indication for use in Sanitary Tri Clamp Fittings


  • One time use, cost effective, stand alone burst indication
  • 25mm (1”) to 100mm (4”) diameter
  • Early indication of burst minimizes product waste and environmental damage from release of harmful process fluids
  • Supplied ready for installation
  • Fits standard Tri Clover and NA couplings used with sanitary ferrules to BS48251
  • Burst is detected by breakage of silver conductor element printed to the chemically resistant polyamide detector membrane. Signal may be used to activate a variety of alarm or control equipment
  • Signals instantly when the bursting disk ruptures
  • RDI-S is considered a simple device, therefore ATEX approval is not required. Installation must be in accordance with ANSI/ISA RP12.6 and the NEC (ANSI/NFPA 70)

Membrane – Kapton
FDA Certified Gaskets – Viton or EPDM*
Conductive material – Silver
Cable – 2m / 6’6”, 24 AWG, 2 conductor PTFE sheathed signal wire

* A full copy of the Gaskets Certificate of Compliance can be accessed here
* Consult ZOOK for other materials
1 Consult ZOOK for ferrules to other standards (e.g. DIN32676, ISO 2582/ISO1127)

Electrical Properties

RDI-S Table


Minimum Burst Pressure required to activate RDI-S

RDI-S Table


 RDI-S Datasheet