CVIIP - Explosion Vents


CVIIP Series Explosion Vent Panel features a domed composite design with segmented bursting pattern.


  • Domed composite design with segmented bursting pattern
  • Superior fatigue and cycle life when compared to domed single hinge designs
  • Designed to be non-fragmenting
  • Interchangeable with existing vent installations
  • Materials: SST/TFE/SST
  • Square, Rectangular, and Round configurations
  • Burst ratings from 0.50 psig (0.03 barg) to 8.00 psig (0.55 barg). Contact ZOOK for greater pressures
  • Operating ratios up to 80% of the low end of burst pressure tolerance
  • 0% Manufacturing range is standard
  • CV vents have no moving parts, therefore are maintenance free
  • Manufactured to mount into standard angle frames
  • Custom sizes and materials available upon request


CV-II-P Table 2Specifications