Enthusiastic About Our Planet

We do everything we can to keep it beautiful & livable.

To live green, zook’s sustainability initiatives include:

  • Uses recyclable materials for product packaging
  • Shares with customers our concerns for environmental sustainability
  • Recycles paper and office waste
  • Asks vendors to reduce unnecessary packaging whenever possible
  • Emphasizes sustainability, preservation, renovation and reuse as key elements in responsible development
  • Monitors and measure on a regular basis the short and long-term environmental impact of operations
  • Uses energy-efficient fixtures where possible
  • Tracks and compares energy performance
  • Uses energy efficient appliances: light bulbs, refrigerators and computers
  • Uses nontoxic cleaning products when available
  • Works with suppliers to ensure their products and services reflect our ethics
  • Works with other organizations to share information and techniques to protect the health and vitality of our natural resources and heritage
  • Implements state of the art drinking water purification system
  • Uses windows that open for seasonal cooling
  • Uses programmable thermostats and other controls to reduce heating and cooling costs in unoccupied guest rooms
  • Limits or eliminates Styrofoam food and beverage containers
  • Uses cloth towels and napkins
  • Minimizes use of disposable items
  • Uses paper products (brochures, etc.) made from recycled paper as much as possible
  • Avoids aerosols containing CFC or HCFC

Yes, it’s a long list, but this Earth is the only home we know.