Z-VAC / Z-POS - Ultra-Low & Bi-Directional Disks


Protect your Processing or Storage Tank from Vacuum and/or Over-Pressurization in a Single Device

Rupture Disk Features

  • Highly accurate, ultra-low burst pressures starting at 1” (25 mm) water column
  • Dual-acting design, with laser cut metal top section and girdle (when ordered in 316SS)
  • Sizes 2” to 12” / 50 mm to 300 mm
  • Standard 316SS girdle for full range of vacuum pressures ensures clean opening of seal at specified pressure
  • Burst ratings from 1” (25 mm) of water column to 150 psig (10.34 barg)
  • Temperature ratings to 500˚F (260˚C)
  • Permanently attached 3D stainless steel tag shows positive and vacuum flow directions
  • Optional integral burst indication

Rupture Disk Holder Features

  • Designed for installation between standard pipe flanges
  • Designed exclusively for use with the Z-VAC and Z-POS series rupture disks
  • Replaceable knife blades ensure optimal performance
  • Non-torque sensitive flat seal design
  • The Z-VAC & Z-POS Holder and rupture disk are preassembled using safety designed clips
  • Standard materials of construction: 316SS or carbon steel. Other materials available upon request
  • Permanently attached stainless steel nameplates are standard. Nameplates show positive and vacuum flow directions to provide visual verification that holder assembly is properly oriented in the piping system

BI Integral Indicator Available

  • The BI Series offers a simple and effective means of remote monitoring of the disk
  • The BI is attached to the atmospheric side of the Teflon seal protecting it from the process
  • Provides signal indication instantly upon rupture of the disk