ICP - Transportation / Railcar


The ICP Series transportation rupture disk provide over-pressure protection for intermodal tank containers.


  • Provides over-pressure protection for intermodal tank containers
  • Scored, forward-acting,non-fragmenting design
  • Fits standard tank car safety vents or mount between ASME B16.5 Class 150 and ISO standard flanges
  • Operating pressures to 90% of the disk’s marked burst pressure
  • Total performance tolerance ±5%
  • See table below showing disk sizes with pressure ratings and burst temperatures ready for immediate shipment
  • Materials of construction:
    1. Disk: Nickel
    2. Positioning collar, bottom ring: 316SS
    3. Lining and gaskets: TFE
    4. Other Materials available


Sizes: 2-1/2″ (63.5 mm), 3″ (75 mm)
Burst Pressure Range: 54.4 psig (3.75 barg), 63.8 psig (4.40 barg)
Standard Operating Range: 90%
Vacuum Support Required: No

ICP Specifications


 ICP Datasheet