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Screw-Type Holder

Screw-Type Holder

The Screw Type Rupture Disk (bursting disc) Holders are reusable type holders.


  • Designed for use with PBST, FPBST, DST or FDST Series Rupture Disks
  • Available in Standard 30° angle or flat seat designs
  • Ideal for application pressures up to 15,000 psig (1034.2 barg)
  • Standard material of construction is stainless steel. Other materials are available, contact ZOOK
  • Standard inlet connections: 1/4” MNPT or 1/2” MNPT
  • Standard outlet connections: muffled, free (open to atmosphere) or threaded. Muffled outlets reduce noise levels and redirect fragments or product released when the rupture disk bursts
  • Standard unit consists of 3 components: Inlet, Hold-down Ring and Outlet. The rupture disk mounts between the inlet and the hold-down ring. The outlet provides compression required to seal the disk
  • ASME UD* marking is available upon request, contact ZOOK for more information

* ASME available on free and threaded outlets
· Maximum pressures are reduced with increased temperatures

Holder Specifications