Graphite Screw-Type (GST) - Graphite Disks
Graphite Screw-Type (GST)

Graphite Screw-Type (GST)

By utilizing a graphite rupture disk mounted between stainless steel inlet and outlet connection sealing on an O-ring, ZOOK can provide low burst ratings, operating ratios of 90%, and leak rates better than 1 X 10-5 std. cc/sec helium gas.* *Leak rate based on graphite disk and o-ring seal **Muffled outlets reduce noise levels and redirect fragment or product released when the rupture disk bursts


  • Designed for use with Inverted Type rupture disks
  • Ideal for pressure ratings from 20 psig (1.38 barg) to 1000 psig (68.97 barg)
  • Unit consists of 4 components: Inlet, Outlet, O-ring, and Rupture Disk
  • Standard outlet connections: muffled**, free (open to atmosphere) or threaded
  • O-ring is supplied with the rupture disk. The outlet nut provides the compression required to seal the disk against the O-ring
  • Standard materials of construction: 316 Stainless Steel (Other materials available, contact ZOOK)