ZOOK has a comprehensive standardized product line of rupture disks for every industry that requires overpressure protection of containment vessels, process piping, and equipment used in manufacturing. Specially designed pressure activation devices (PAD’s) and developed by ZOOK and their unique research and development laboratory. However, ZOOK engineers have the experience and technical expertise to design and custom manufacture rupture disks for new and application specific applications to meet unique dimensional requirements, material compatibilities and operating parameters for OEM applications.


There are many other pressure relief applications we provide to the OEM Market. Please contact ZOOK for applications not listed.

Recommended Products Process Piping Over Pressure of Equipment Containment Vessels
Reverse Acting Disks RA4 RA6 RA8 RAX
Forward Acting Disks ARD D FAX FDZ PB
Custom Welded Assemblies (CWA)
Graphite Disks Mono Duplex FS Inverted
Ultra-Low & Bi-Directional Disks Z-VAC/Z-POS
Sanitary Disks RAUS RLPS SD
Screw Type Holders
Union Type Holders
Burst Sensors & Indicators
Explosion Vents