Extrusion or Extruder Burst Plugs are overpressure protection safety devices primarily used in the plastics extrusion industry. Leak tight, they are designed to instantaneously rupture at a pre-determined pressure.

While some manufacturers utilize inferior soldered designs, ZOOK’s welded designs are stronger and more resistant to increased temperatures, which eliminates spurious bursts and ultimately product contamination.

ZOOK’s unmatched quality control produces a world-class high-performance product, with:

  • 0% Manufacturing range
  • Burst tolerance +/-10%
  • Typical standard deviation is +/- 1%
  • 100% Leak tested
  • 100% Electronic thread verification utilizing an optical comparator
  • 100% Statistically controlled
  • 100% Ultra-sonically cleaned prior to shipment

ZOOK also carries their WDHT Series of rupture disks that are designed for pressure relief of oil tools to safely protect downhole components. Each WDHT assembly consists of a threaded body with rupture disk welded onto the process side.

Tapones de explonion por extrusión

Los tapones de explonion por extrusión de ZOOK son dispositivos de alivio de presión diseñados para la protección contra la sobrepresión del proceso de extrusión de plástico y caucho.

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WEB Series

ZOOK Welded Extruder Rupture Disks are pressure relief devices designed for over-pressure protection of plastic and rubber extrusion processes

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