ALL ZOOK EMPLOYEES – March 20, 2020

It has been a very challenging, but successful week at ZOOK.  Not only have we been successful at implementing our Business Continuity Plan; we have also deployed our global teams to work remotely: 40% of our workforce is working remotely!  Our customers are keeping us very busy with significant increases in new and existing product quotations and orders.  ZOOK has responded with a priority to be the 1st to Engage and the 1st to Quote, and these actions have been the difference in the increase in rupture disk orders.  Well done!!

The global business environment is ever-changing.   Several countries have issued “lock downs” or “shelter in place” requirements.  These “directives” order non-essential businesses to close, but companies, like ZOOK, that manufacture products for “life sustaining” solutions will remain open.  At this time, no directives have been issued that would impact ZOOK operations in the US, Canada, or the United Kingdom.  

To clarify to our employees though, ZOOK is an “essential business” providing “life-sustaining” products and services.  We serve customers that produce and sell life sustaining products like hygiene, cleaning solutions, gas, energy, food, beverage, and medical supplies.  I have enclosed a copy of a letter from one of our valued customers, Philips Healthcare, indicating that our rupture disks are an essential component in the production of these life sustaining medical products.

Next week, we expect ZOOK to be operating the business as usual: soliciting new business, quoting customers, entering orders, sourcing raw materials, building and shipping, and invoicing and collecting.  With your continued support, we will have another successful week.  Please be safe and enjoy your weekend.  Thank you.