ZOOK Employees,

I want to provide you with an update on our progress to keep ZOOK employees safe while serving our customers and business. 

Thankfully, ZOOK employees have not been impacted by the COVID-19 virus in any of our facilities around the globe.  Safety measures implemented early including every employees efforts to comply with guidelines both at work and at home are contributing to these very good results.  Social distancing and separating our employees, wearing masks where necessary, keeping your hands away from your face, and washing your hands is working for all of us.  Well done!

As news around the globe points to a softening of restrictions regarding travel and opening of restaurants, I urge all of you to continue to be diligent in your personal protection.  Without a vaccine, the threat is always present.  Following guidelines from local, regional, state, provincial, and country governments is required to ensure that you keep yourself and your families safe. At ZOOK, we will continue to be conservative in our approach in having our employees return to their respective work locations.  As I stated, we have proved that we can get the job done, while working as a team remotely.  I do not foresee us returning to the global offices in the immediate future.   In the event that there is a need to return to the office, please contact your respective manager for approval. 

Regarding our business performance, May sales dropped slightly compared to April 2020 results due to lower new orders received in the month.  During the month of May, our daily new order and quote activity dropped to the lowest level of 2020.  These results could impact our future months sales results.  We cannot lose the momentum that we experienced in March and April. 

COVID-19 has created a business environment that is far from normal.  Soliciting new business from existing or new customers has to be very proactive and progressive. We need to seek out new leads from existing and new customers, quote urgently, and follow up to ensure that we have met the customers needs and expected value.  Without this constant pressure on seeking and securing new business and serving and supporting customers, we limit our ability to invest in our customers, our vendors, our employees, and our business.

With all the excitement of COVID-19 and trying to keep our business functioning effectively, we sometimes lose sight of what is really important.  Yes, our safety is our biggest priority, but also we need to take time to recognize our employees service to ZOOK and our customers. 

Last week, Tom Dennis, Quality Technician in Graphite, announced that he was retiring at the end of May after 40 years of service.  Can you imagine that someone would rather go fishing than machine graphite; what is the world coming to today? ZOOK thanks Tom for his service and wishes him a fantastic retirement!  

Also, in May, John Bland celebrated 25 years of service to ZOOK.  For those of you who do not know John, he runs the warehouse in our ZOOK Europe office.  His commitment to excellence in delivering superior products to customers throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia is commendable and a competitive advantage for ZOOK.  Well done John and congratulations

Now, I have not been so good at keeping up with service milestones, and the rest of the team members that I will talk about are located in our ZOOK Canada facility. 

In January, Chris Ellison celebrated 20 years.  For those of us who work with Chris, they know that not only is he a rock star with the lasers, he is a great person to work with at ZOOK.  A champion of all causes and master craftsman at ZOOK, and when something breaks, he is there with a wire, a bolt, or a piece of chewing gum to get it working again.  Thank you, Chris for your service. 

Kirby Scruton celebrated 15 years in January.  While I am not present many days at ZOOK Canada, I have a pretty good intuition about people, and what I think is that a huge part of the success of ZOOK is because Kirby is there to make sure that we are making the right products. The countless hours that she puts in, especially while using a new ERP.  When I sat with her to discuss the new ERP, I was so impressed with her guidance, patience, and leadership. With your passion, you inspire everyone to make ZOOK a great business.  Thank you!

Whether it is James Gray celebrating 10 years of service in February and Nadeem Sadiq and Curt Gottlieb celebrating 5 years, or any of the other ZOOK Canada employees not mentioned because there service milestone date is later this year, I want to thank all of you for your service and for making ZOOK a great business. 

Well, everyone, let’s work together to build our momentum in June by securing new business, building superior products and services, and serving our customers with passion and excellence.  With your commitment, we will SUCCEED!  Thank you!