Over 90 Years of Expertise

Our rupture disk (bursting disc) manufacturing origin stems from our founder’s pioneering efforts into the development of graphite rupture disks (bursting discs) for use as protection devices on heat exchangers during the 1940’s.  We are the world’s leader in the development and production of graphite rupture disks (bursting discs).  Our graphite production plant is located in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, USA and is the world’s only facility dedicated solely to the production of graphite rupture disks (bursting discs).  This facility was awarded the world’s first issuance of an ASME “UD” stamp for graphite disks.  In addition, we offer our products manufactured in compliance with the following standards; TUV, AD Merkblatt A1, Stoomwezen, Pressure Equipment Directive and US Food and Drug (FDA). ZOOK strengthened its position in the rupture disk (bursting disc) market through several strategic acquisitions.


In November 1998, we acquired the rupture disk (bursting disc) business of Metaullics, Inc. a graphite rupture disk (bursting disc) manufacturer located near our USA manufacturing facility.


In September 1999, we purchased Process Equipment Limited located in Burlington, Ontario Canada, manufacturers of the PROQUIP brand of metal rupture disks (bursting discs).  PROQUIP has been manufacturing metal disks for over 60 years and offers a full line of rupture disk (bursting disc) products including conventional forward acting, scored forward acting, conventional reverse acting, scored reverse acting and the revolutionary new Reverse Acting (RA) Disk designed to offer true plant-wide standardization, previously unavailable with competitive offerings.  Additionally, PROQUIP manufactures a complete line of explosion vents and magnetic or fracture clip type doors servicing the material handling industries.


In 2000, ZOOK acquired Rupture Discs International (RDI) a manufacturer of graphite rupture disks (bursting discs) and a marketing center for metal type disks located in Sheffield, England. ZOOK renamed this company ZEL and today it offers distribution capabilities convenient to the European markets by providing extensive technical expertise in both metal and graphite type rupture disks (bursting discs).


The acquisitions of Metaullics, PROQUIP and RDI place ZOOK in a class of its own, manufacturing the most comprehensive line of high quality metal and graphite rupture disks (bursting discs) and related overpressure protection products in the world.  By utilizing ZOOK’s manufacturing facilities, we are capable of manufacturing 100% of the rupture disk (bursting disc) requirements of a process plant.

You have our assurance regarding continuity of the world’s highest level of product quality and unparalleled dedication to service while maintaining integrity of pricing.

Our resources are dedicated to maintaining the best emergency shutdown delivery service in the industry.  This service is designed to allow a facility that is shut down by a rupture disk (bursting disc) overpressure event, to start-up within a minimal amount of time.